After passing throught the beautiful city of Dubai, we connected with our flight into Hyderabad, India, about 20 hours flight time total. Emirates Air is great. Can anyone tell me if they fly to Oregon? Seriously, I just heard that they will start flying out of Dallas/Ft.Worth next year, so that will be great for direct flights to come back here.

Surprisingly, I am not very tired. I was able to sleep a bunch on the flight, so feel pretty rested. But I have no idea what time it really is, so it may catch up with me. We are staying for the moment at a pastor’s home but will shortly check into a hotel where we will stay the week while working at the school where we will meet other local pastors. This will be very exciting. We are in Southern India and I understand somewhere in the region, maybe more south of here, is where the apostle Thomas was martyred and the early church in India was established. I have to say, it was a truly harrowing ride from the airport here by car. Everyone kind of drives where they want to at any given moment, and I have never seen so many cars, trucks and buses headed for the car I was in head-on in my lane – I’ll say this for them: it seems to be a universal skill to swerve back into your own lane somewhere in the last 6 feet or so, everyone honking madly. Kenneth described the ride as “stimulating.” I describe it as, “I wish I were asleep.” I think going home in my sleep is the way to go.

So far the people are wonderful and I am enjoying getting to know Dr. Kenneth Rooks who is here with me and doing the introductions. The mother of the household served us breakfast – a very delicious French toast…hmmm, I need to get her recipe,since that’s one of the few things I cook that doesn’t come in a can.

Anyway, we are here. We are in the area where we will meet many of the local people. More to come. Stay tuned, encourage others to subscribe…thanks for your prayer support. Keep up the good work.