The trip that was planned to India, Pakistan and Uganda started out was an on-again-off again kind of venture for Bob. Due to uncontrollable events, the trip planned in August was cancelled. But then a trip for September was offered and Bob signed on again. Unfortunately, we were unable to get visas for Pakistan. So that left a trip to India and Uganda, which is what has finally happened after several date adjustments relating to airfares, etc. Bob leaves on Sunday, Oct. 2, for India. After ten days he will travel to Uganda for the remainder of the trip. He will work with the director of ICE International Ministries to teach church planting and discipling seminars for indigenous pastors. This is a very exciting opportunity that is right up his alley.

Bob will attempt to provide blog updates while on the trip, depending on access to the internet. What we need most is prayer now – for Gail as she stays at home, and Bob as he travels for health, energy, strength, boldness, discernment, and being filled with the Spirit moment by moment. There will probably be preaching opportunities too, but since this is the first trip with ICE, we are feeling our way forward a bit at a time. So more on this from future blogs.

So it has been a hurry up process to get visas in place, numerous shots and pills -ouch!, and everything in place to be out of town for three weeks. Pay attention to your email for updates.