After much waiting and talking back and forth, plans for a trip to Uganda and India have come together. From August 23-September 10, I will go with an organization that has many years of service in the 10/40 window parts of the world – ICE International Ministries (I Care Enough…see url listed below).  I will accompany Dr. Kenneth Rooks on a church planting mission to both areas. It is unclear at this moment how many others are involved, but I am aware of at least one pastor. This ministry involves church planting and teaching pastors how to pastor their flocks. Obviously, I am very excited about this opportunity. This is my vision.

I’m now all caught up in getting visas to India, multiple immunizations, etc.

Gail wanted to come also, but the airfare has made this prohibitive. The women in these areas are very much in need of ministry as pastor’s wives because they get so little ministry just to them and the pastors are young enough in the Lord that there are few models for them about how to partner with their wives in ministry. Unfortunately, with the high gas prices and the season of high travel we are in, the costs for both of us are beyond our current budget.

In the meantime, we both have a trip together to Nicaragua between now and then. It’s good to be back in the saddle.

More to come.