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New Video Spotlights Nicaraguan Mission

We’re finally back from all our recent out of town adventures. We’ll be in town for a season now until the potential Russian trip in October which is almost a three week trip.

One of the members of our team on our last trip to Ciudad Sandino in Nicaragua, Gina Davis, has put together a stirring video of our experiences among the Nicaraguan people. You’ll want to check this out because it shows a good representation of what a trip is like ministering among these wonderful people. Here’s the link: It’s on YouTube. Check it out now…you won’t be disappointed.

Changes to Africa Plans

Well, just when everything seemed to be coming together, it came apart. For reasons that are a little unclear, the Africa/India trip with ICE seems to be off. It was explained to me as a “Lord’s timing” thing, as in NOT… . So I am very disappointed, obviously.

Please pray about this. Gail thinks the Lord is protecting me from something, so that’s all good by me.

I reckon we’ll go on to Russia in October as originally planned with Jody Kennedy International, but please pray for clarity. I was really looking forward to a church-planting, discipleship-with-pastors kind of trip.

Back from Nicaragua July 2011

We are back from Nicaragua. It was a very good trip. We were in a new church – Iglesia Bautista Betania (Bethany BC), located in a suburb of Managua called Ciudad Sandino.

We did five programs per day. That’s 2 Children’s Programs of 1 intense hour each – about 300 children total), 2 Teen programs of 2 hours each for about 150 teens, and 1 evening 2.5 hour program for about 120 adults. I want to tell you, we flat worked. That’s the great thing about the Practically Speaking English mission –  it is real work with real engaged and focused relational face time with the people we came to minister to. Every trip we come home with a raft of new international friends.

Here are the numbers, if you’re interested in that kind of thing:

  • About 570 individuals enrolled.
  • We had 198 Surveys completed by the adults and teens.
  • 60 indicated that they were already Christians.
  • Of the remaining 138, 83 indicated that, Yes, they made some kind of commitment to Jesus during the week.

When we had the two big “invite your families and friends” celebrations on Sunday afternoon, we packed the house twice, which amazed the pastor – he invited us to come again in the future. When our mission leader gave the invitation in the adult celebration, at least ten people came forward to receive Christ or make their commitment public.

These folks are people we have good followup info on, and the church is tasked with the job of personally following up on each person who makes a commitment. This particular church even had altar counselors ready and waiting so we’re confident that will happen.

We are still in love with the Nicaraguan people. One of Gail’s Beginning students was so inspired by the week (her words through an interpreter) that she had already signed up to take more English lessons with another local school before the week was up. Her classes at that school started on Monday. She, additionally, made a commitment to Christ and came forward during the invitation.

This ministry just plain ROCKS! Our love remains behind with new friends among the interpreters we worked with all week and especially with our students.

Plans for Africa have Come Together

After much waiting and talking back and forth, plans for a trip to Uganda and India have come together. From August 23-September 10, I will go with an organization that has many years of service in the 10/40 window parts of the world – ICE International Ministries (I Care Enough…see url listed below).  I will accompany Dr. Kenneth Rooks on a church planting mission to both areas. It is unclear at this moment how many others are involved, but I am aware of at least one pastor. This ministry involves church planting and teaching pastors how to pastor their flocks. Obviously, I am very excited about this opportunity. This is my vision.

I’m now all caught up in getting visas to India, multiple immunizations, etc.

Gail wanted to come also, but the airfare has made this prohibitive. The women in these areas are very much in need of ministry as pastor’s wives because they get so little ministry just to them and the pastors are young enough in the Lord that there are few models for them about how to partner with their wives in ministry. Unfortunately, with the high gas prices and the season of high travel we are in, the costs for both of us are beyond our current budget.

In the meantime, we both have a trip together to Nicaragua between now and then. It’s good to be back in the saddle.

More to come.