It’s been awhile. I’ve been concentrating on funding myself. Our donations at this point will cover about 25% of our needs to do this full-time, so I am working on alternative supply sources as well as our faithful donors. Times are tough for all and whatever I can contribute while still going to the field will be necessary for us.

We are headed back to Nicaragua. Here’s our itinerary for the immediate future:

  • Wedding in Indiana, June 22-28 (we’re driving Gail’s mom up there);
  • We will be in Nicaragua in July – we will be at a new church, Bethany BC in Ciudad Sandino near Managua.
  • Then also in July we have a family reunion event in Bermuda (I’ll try to do some snorkel missions while there).

I am still working on a trip to Pakistan/India/Uganda end of August, but the details are slow in coming together.

I talked at length yesterday with a lady who owns land in Nicaragua as a potential retirement location, and she was ga-ga over the possibilities of retiring in Nicaragua. Something, by the way, that we’re considering. Though it would be a working mission sort of retirement. Additionally, we have developed several contacts for teaching ESL locally to immigrants of several different populations here in the Metroplex. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for keeping up with us through this blog! Expect more soon.