We are back from Nicaragua and what a trip it was! All told, we received about 114 decisions, bringing that many into the Kingdom. The second week we had nearly 150 enrolled. On the last day, which was Saturday, many of the students had university classes in Managua, a trip of about 2 hours, so they were not able to attend the final day of English with us. But we had about 94 present. It’s on the last day that we take the survey where they indicate whether they have made a “decision” during the week. Sohere’s the thing: it was out of the Saturday group of only 94 (not the total enrollment of 150) that 52 indicated a “yes” for the week.

On Sunday, we held a celebration with all the students and their families and 8 more responded during the invitation time, one of who was one of my students who hadn’t been present on Saturday. This is why we work so hard on the relational approach. It’s effective. It’s not at all about the numbers – I give those only as a testimonial reference for you – it’s about the lives touched.

To show you what I mean, here’s my favorite story: On Friday night, one of the students who had turned their life during the week was so thankful that they gave each of the teachers a gift – a very meaningful sacrifice for one person to give a gift to all the teachers, not just their own. On Saturday, the pastor of the church pulled our leader aside and said something had happened that had changed his life. He related that there was this person whom he had been sharing with for some months, but that they had been hard and against receiving his good news every time he approached them. Well, guess who that was – the very person who gave us the gifts and was so gracious and grateful to us. The pastor was humbled by the change in their demeanor as they came to know the One. Amen!