We are here in Nicaragua to teach English, of course, but a greater drive grips our hearts. We love the Nicaraguan people and want to share with them the greatest gift we have to share which is Jesus Christ. We had 78 students enrolled in our classes this last week. That may not seem like a lot, but we only had 4 teachers and two sessions, meaning we each taught two classes, so that was about 10 students in each class. Gail had 19 in one of her classes.

In this brief 5 days we hope to form enough relationship and trust to earn the right to present our gift on a take or leave it basis not to the heads of our students, but to their hearts. We know we are not best friends after 5 days, but we are at least friends – we have journeyed through vocabulary and verbs together, we have laughed, we have struggled to express ourselseve on both sides, sometimes successfully, some few times not so much. We have wrestled with the great Opponent, Language Barrier, which for us is an inconvenience and a novelty, but for many of our students is the pathway to a better job, more opportinity in a difficult economy and , and to a better life.

So when we have 54 ¨decisions,¨ from college students, we are deeply humbled by the process we are caught up in, for these are the leaders of business and government of tomorrow. These will be the educated leaders who take Nicaragua and Central America into the 21st century. So, yes, we are humbled. Thank you for your prayer and financial support. Believe me, we together have made a difference this week.