Well, we have completed our 5 days of Spanish classes this morning. I think I have made progress. Once I got past the terrifying double “to be” verb thing, I began to realize how useful this could be in practice. For instance, you can say almost anything in Spanish with one of these two verbs, and many of the words in Spanish are similar in English.

Here are some examples of my new facility with the language: if I want to say I am intelligent (something I want to say a lot down here, because the evidence may be to the opposite effect, and I don’t want them to get the wrong idea just  because of the language barrier), I can say, yo soy inteligente. This isn’t so different from my own native tongue, so I can make myself understood in many situations this way. Some more examples: in my native tongue becomes en mi tongissimo nativo. See how easy that is?!!

Here’s how a conversation might go: “So, Jose, guau eres tu? Bueno, bueno. Yo soy gladdo hearapito ito. Yo tambien soy feelamundo comfortaballo prettymuchamo. El weatheromos esta brito y claroismos muchimuchimuch (they like this word “mucho” a lot and they use it to describe many things, so I am sharing different forms I think I’ve heard with my newly sensitive ear for Spanish) y el sunno shino downo on uso (maybe nosotros means “us” technically, but I think they can understand it this way too) con raysoses de happymosmos. El dia como este makos mi feelamundo justo como singacaundro y dancepitrimusmos.”

When I say stuff like this, the native Nicaraguans smile and nod a lot, so I think I’m doing pretty well.

My Spanish teacher seemed pretty impressed with how far I’ve come. He said something like, “Usted es muy peligroso ahora.” My loose translation (forgive my clumsiness with the language) is “Your Spanish shows great promise.”

I’m pretty sure (sursimos) that I get a progress award (awardo progressivissimo) mailed to me, or something (somecosamosa) like that.

(David Middleton, don’t you have a heart attack (una attacka cardia – I never knew the word tachicardia was Spanish till I took this great course).