So last night, after a long day, very tired, I sat on the bed, and Gail asked, ¨So, what did you learn in Spanish class today?¨to which I proudly replied, ¨I learned the verb ´to be´.¨ This seemed a real milestone for me since to be is so basic to language and especially to espangol.

Gail replied, ¨Oh, great! Which one?¨




Needless to say, I did not sleep well last night in anticipation. Indeed, I was even grouchy in espangol class this manana…while learned all about the many and complicated differences between ser and estar. To sum up what I understand so far: I asked Gail after class today (the one with the humor mal [bad mood??]),  in the taxi on the way home,¨So, ser seems to be for permanent stuff and estar seems to be for temporary stuff, right?¨

She only said, ¨You don´t want to go there.¨




Like where? You mean acqui?