It´s obvious to me that the Nicaraguan people are very intelligent. This is obvious because they speak Spanish. So… they must be very intelligente.

After completing my third day of Spanish I asked my teacher to give me a phrase I could report home about my progress. The title of this entry is the one he gave me -¨ mi cabesa explote¨ (there are accents in there, but if I can type them, I don´t know how yet). I think this phrase means something like, ¨You are doing so well that we want to offer you citizenship.¨ I´m pretty sure it´s an honorary thing, so I guess I´m doing okay.

Some insights from my studies: there is an informal phrase for when you say good-bye that translates loosely to ¨¨Well, okay then…¨ It´s ¨Dale pues.¨ It´s pronounced dah-lay pwess. So I can say it, but everytime I do, I think in my head ¨dalai lama.¨ So, my question is, does everything in Nicaragua circle back to the llama, or what? (see previous post for this heady discussion).

My favorite phrases so far are ¨otra vez¨and ¨ripita por favor,¨ but  I´m also liking, ¨no etiendo¨and ¨no comprendo¨ and my most used yet, ¨no tengo idea.¨

Anyway, the Spanish lessons are challenging and fun. My teacher is a laugh a minute, or maybe he said that about me, I couldn´t tell. 

I´m learning so much, but mostly to appreciate what my English students are going through as they struggle to learn English from me in the afternoon, or en la tarde, as we like to say around here. I have two classes with 12 in the first and 15 in the second. And we ARE having fun, learning English, and developing that oh-so-important relationship. Please remember to pray for us and for them especially. Gail is teaching two classes also.

Speaking of Gail, she did want me to mention that I misspelled Felice in yesterday´s post – it´s Feliz apparently. But anyway, I did want you all to wish her a prayerful hapy birtdey. Well, later, or hasta luego (sp?), as we like to say around here…