We arrived in Nicarague without incident Sunday night (3/20/11). Lots of foreign tourists at the airport which indicates that tourism in Nic. is becoming more popular – great for the economy here.

We followed some basketball player from Ft. Worth to Houston. I knew he was a bb player because he was too big for the plane. He must have been a newbie though to whatever team he was on because he was still riding coach – poor guy: I could harldly fit in the seat, so I have no idea how he did it. He had noticeable knee marks on his face when we deplaned in Houston.

We are about to go to our first Spanish lesson. We´ll do this every morning this first week. I am looking forward to it. We´ll see if we can be both a student and a teacher in the same week.

English classes at the Univ. de Managua begin at 1:30 and 4:00. We´re excited at this opportunity to be with college kids.