We are leaving in about an hour for the airport. We are staying two weeks in Nicaragua., home on April 4. We will be teaching English for the first week at the Univ. of Managua, UdeM, and then moving for the second week to a church in Massatepe, Nicaragua, where we will teach another week of English.

Please pray for us and our team while we are there. Sadly, our

work will be greatly hampered by the passing of our Nicaraguan friend, Benjamin Quant, on March 13. He was a great servant who served as our translator on every trip. We will miss him greatly.

And while I am looking forward to it, I am also bit nervous about taking Spanish lessons while we’re down there – each morning the first week for two hours. A dose of my own medicine! Really, this is a great step forward for us.

I’ll write more as the trip develops. Flying out of Houston late today.