We are at the very beginning. But here is a summary of what’s on the 2011 calendar so far.

1) In January, Bob will attend a coaching certification course with the Tarrant Baptist Association. He is already certified as an ACMC (Associated Certified Meta-Coach), but additional certifications are a good thing. Bob and Gail hope to help support their ministry through an active coaching practice as well as donations.

2) The first trip scheduled right now is is for the last week of March – back to Nicaragua to Masatepe with Jody Kennedy International where we will share the week with one of our good pastor friends from Nicaragua and help his church to grow. This will be a new town for us, but with a pastor that we know.

3) We are considering a trip to Uganda in May, but the details are sketchy at this point. This would be teaching pastors and church-building.

4) In the Fall we would like to make our first trip to Russia with Jody and Trisha Kennedy.

I’m sure God will fill out this calendar as we move into 2011.