We’re not sure about the Meade International name. It’s what we’re going with for the time being so we can go forward. But we’re looking for and praying  about a name for our missions ministry that strikes the right heart chord, fits our life purposes,  yet doesn’t sound either pompous or cheesy. This is a difficult zone to hit, it turns out. For instance, Bob & Gail on Mission – cheesy, amateurish, but darn cute. Meades on Mission – also cute-ish, but cheesy, not professional sounding. Meade Ministries – ok, but very vague. Meade Minsitries Worldwide – a bit pretentious: we want to go there but aren’t there yet. So., what do you think? All input on this subject will be deeply appreciated and carefully considered as we move down the road and develop our vision and our name to match it. After all, this is about branding, and your opinion from out there might be more accurate than our too close view from in here. In the meantime, Meade International it is.