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Have Mission Will Travel

How about Have Mission Will Travel. This could maybe be the title of the website rather than the organization. I guess this shows my age. I am modeling it after the popular TV show from my youth Have Gun Will Travel that ran on CBS from 1957 through 1963. It was about a noble gunslinger name Paladin (Richard Boone) who went around hiring himself out to needy causes and rescuing various victims from tight situations. Gail and I both watched that show every week.

Maybe modeling our Mission name or website title after a famous gunslinger isn’t the best idea, but the metaphor works on some levels. Our vision is to be missionaries available to any mission organization already in existence that needs us. We see ourselves as “come-alongside” missionaries. Maybe God will change that, but that’s what the Leadership is for now.

Learning Some Spanish?

Please pray about whether we should go to some kind of Spanish language training as a part of our getting ready for further more in-depth work in Nicaragua. See the post “Language School” under Growing with Us! for more information on this.

We have just heard about a Spanish language school in Guatemala from some former missionaries who have some experience with Nicaragua. This school uses a one-on-one tutoring style of language training, mixed with living with a local Spanish-speaking family and taking field trips with opportunities to use your Spanish. The costs are quite reasonable and a person  could go for a week or a month at a time because of the flexible nature of the program.

So Gail and I are wondering/praying about whether this would be a good idea for us. Gail has a good background in Spanish and can actually manage a conversation, but she needs a lot of tightening up and updating. It’s been a long time since she has had any extended exposure to Spanish, not counting, of course, the mission trips we’ve taken in the last two years. There, however, we are English teachers, and if we speak Spanish, we’re supposed to keep it on the down low because the students tend to speak Spanish to you if they think you can understand them. And, after all, we are there to teach English. So this language skill could backfire on our actual reason for being there. However, there are so many situations when a little Spanish would go a long way when we’re not in the classroom with our students.

Bob, on the other hand, can say Feliz Navidad (sp?), and a few phrases and words, and maybe he could even count from 1 to 4  – learned mostly from Wooly Booly by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs in his youth on a long bus trip from New York to Idaho with his brother. But otherwise, he has to fall back on his high school French, which isn’t very helpful in Nicaragua.

So we’re thinking about this as an early part of our mission career.


I am working on this blog a little every day. Since starting last week, I have added donations through Paypal, several blog categories and posts, a link list that includes Jody Kennedy International and my good friend, Charles Flemming’s blog – Ripe for Harvest. I have also added a Nic. Pix page where you can get a little bit of a feel for the work in Nicaragua through pictures. Check out our plans in the Current Plans blog. I also added a link to facebook, so I think my posts will show up there, but I’m still figuring out how that works. Why not subscribe and keep up with us through Email and Facebook?

  • Gail’s health as she recovers from esophageal surgery and gets her strength back
  • Clear doors to open with mission organization that we are supposed to work with.
  • I am no longer employed as of January 1, 2011, so will spend January and February structuring and building the ministry foundations. Need lots of prayer.
  • Financial support – we hope to be full-time by mid-year
  • Medical Insurance will disappear in March, 2011. We need answers as to how to proceed with that. We have no desire to pour money into expensive insurance, but certainly, this Fall’s medical experience has been instructive to both of us, neither of whom have ever darkened the door of a hospital for illness or injury.

Early Look at 2011 Calendar

We are at the very beginning. But here is a summary of what’s on the 2011 calendar so far.

1) In January, Bob will attend a coaching certification course with the Tarrant Baptist Association. He is already certified as an ACMC (Associated Certified Meta-Coach), but additional certifications are a good thing. Bob and Gail hope to help support their ministry through an active coaching practice as well as donations.

2) The first trip scheduled right now is is for the last week of March – back to Nicaragua to Masatepe with Jody Kennedy International where we will share the week with one of our good pastor friends from Nicaragua and help his church to grow. This will be a new town for us, but with a pastor that we know.

3) We are considering a trip to Uganda in May, but the details are sketchy at this point. This would be teaching pastors and church-building.

4) In the Fall we would like to make our first trip to Russia with Jody and Trisha Kennedy.

I’m sure God will fill out this calendar as we move into 2011.

Jody Sharing the Gospel at the Sunday Celebration in Managua

Our most active commitment is with Jody Kennedy International. Jody and Trisha Kennedy have developed a method of relational evangelism through Teaching English. Gail and I have been very impressed with their material and their methods. We have some background in this as Bob taught ESL to international students for a number of years and so is familiar with the field. The exciting thing about the Kennedys’ methods is that anyone can, with a small amount of preparation, effectively teach English with their methods. The only real prerequisite is speaking English. It’s really that simple. Their materials and their approach allows each teacher to develop close relationships with their students in such a way that it opens the doors to sharing spiritual truths with them. Check out their website at We plan to accompany them on as many of their trips in 2011 as finances allow. They minister currently in Nicaragua and Russia, as well as accomplishing servant missions in Germany every year.

The Name – What Do You Think?

We’re not sure about the Meade International name. It’s what we’re going with for the time being so we can go forward. But we’re looking for and praying  about a name for our missions ministry that strikes the right heart chord, fits our life purposes,  yet doesn’t sound either pompous or cheesy. This is a difficult zone to hit, it turns out. For instance, Bob & Gail on Mission – cheesy, amateurish, but darn cute. Meades on Mission – also cute-ish, but cheesy, not professional sounding. Meade Ministries – ok, but very vague. Meade Minsitries Worldwide – a bit pretentious: we want to go there but aren’t there yet. So., what do you think? All input on this subject will be deeply appreciated and carefully considered as we move down the road and develop our vision and our name to match it. After all, this is about branding, and your opinion from out there might be more accurate than our too close view from in here. In the meantime, Meade International it is.